Atreyu de Lacy

Associate Director


Atreyu leads TTW’s Melbourne office and brings a wealth of project experience from Australia, UK and the Middle East – including commercial, industrial, residential, retail, government, education and sports facilities. He takes a pragmatic and collaborative approach to his work and has had integral roles on many high-profile projects.

Atreyu has a strong background and interest in structural dynamics, vibration issues, impact dynamics and seismic design. He is enthusiastic about developments in complex geometry and parametric design, and also has a sessional teaching role at Melbourne University Faculty of Architecture, focusing on digital design and fabrication.

Best thing about being an engineer?

I most enjoy those moments of pure creativity, working with other designers (often architects, but not always) where the conventional roles are broken down – such as when an engineer is allowed to play architect and vice versa. Cross-discipline collaboration requires a lot of trust and respect between parties, but when that moment of flow comes the results can be extremely rewarding.

Why did you become an engineer? What inspired you to become one?

I’ve always been intrigued by how things go together. I grew up in the country building things (including helping my dad build our family home – mudbrick and recycled timber for any of the hippies out there!) and tinkering away with everything from car engines to solar panel arrays. I also really enjoyed the traditional STEM subjects at school, so I guess an engineering career was a natural progression.

I am an expert in…?

I wouldn’t say expert, but I’m pretty handy with anything to do with structural dynamics. My master’s degree had a big focus on vibration problems, impact dynamics and seismic design, and I’ve co-authored several journal and conference papers on vibration – and even a vibration app for Android devices. I’m also really keen on anything related to complex geometry and parametric design and have recently started a sessional teaching role for one semester per year at Melbourne University Faculty of Architecture, focusing on digital design and fabrication.

Most Notable Projects