Stephen Brain joined TTW in 1993 as a Senior Civil Engineer and has since been promoted through the leadership ranks to his current appointment as Technical Director in 2007.

Stephen co-runs the NSW civil engineering department, and has spearheaded it’s reputation through his dedication to pragmatic engineering and open relationships with clients.

He adopts this approach irrespective of project sector and has consequently developed a folio of experience in commercial developments, industrial projects, public works projects, car parks and residential projects. His specialisation in master planning has been invaluable to TTW’s success and has led to many successful projects.

In your perspective, what trends are we seeing in engineering?

In general, and to societies credit, there is higher concern for the environment and a focus on using marginal land in a better way. For example we’re seeing universities give much more thought to: development near floodways, water quality, riparian requirements and rehabilitation of land for redevelopment.

What do you think is a primary appeal of TTW?

I think in simple terms, it’s a culture that is willing to help our clients. We will find a pragmatic solution that has the balance of the innovative, economic requirements and statutory compliance that will solve almost any construction problem.

Most Notable Projects