Leading a designated team in Sydney, Associate Director Steffen Schuetze has more than 22 years of engineering experience. Strategic, pragmatic and highly efficient, Steffen has a firm understanding of integrated structural design across a host of sectors including; public buildings, defence, transportation, commercial, residential, education and overseas government projects.

Steffen has specialised experience in leading projects overseas and has recently been the principal structural engineer on the construction site of the new Australian Embassy in Bangkok. This particular project saw Steffen work closely with the contractor to articulate and realise new methodologies and materials to meet the sensitive demands of a government facility.

Why did you decide to become an engineer?

I saw engineering as a profession that brings science and imagination together to solve real-world problems enabling an individual within a design team to make the world a better place.

In your perspective, what are some challenges that the construction industry will face in the years ahead?

In a global market, the Australian engineering industry will face stiffer international competition from large conglomerates and foreign firms using cheaper offshore design professionals to design Australian projects. Australian engineering consultancies will be required to deliver value to their clients combined with local knowledge and expertise in order to remain competitive.

Most Notable Projects