Scott Nixon is a chartered professional engineer with extensive experience as a structural designer. He joined TTW in 2004, after working in both Brisbane and Ireland, and was appointed as Associate Director in 2013.

Scott is highly sought after for his diverse experience across a range of project sectors including large-scale government and infrastructure, retail, hotels, residential, education, commercial and marine. One of his most significant projects, The Chatswood Transport Interchange and Metro Residences, spanned 10 years of his career from concept to completion in September 2015. This project demanded sound structural design as the interchange was constructed over an operational railway. Equally as important was Scott’s ability to forge a collaborative relationship between architect, builder and project manager that is still ongoing. This project was recently recognised at the International CTBUH awards in Chicago.

How do you view an engineer’s role in the industry?

It’s a balancing act, by that I mean, a good engineer takes the perspectives of each design member (architect, builder, project manager, client) and devises a functional, sustainable and economic solution that meets all these needs.

Do you think the role of an engineer is changing?

In general the industry has less and less tolerance for time. Speed of construction is everything. This puts more demand on the engineer to be robust and agile, to design a scheme that is time efficient, yet maintains budget whilst still being an outstanding, aesthetic and functional solution.

Most Notable Projects