For over 20 years TTW have been our go-to Structural Team on many complex and innovative projects. Our main contacts in Rob Mackellar and Barry Young always bring an enthusiast and energetic team who embrace a collaborate approach to problem solving and design.

Rob is well known in the industry for his strategic thinking, planning and design expertise. As TTW’s Managing Director, Rob leads the company with a passion for engineering excellence and a firm belief in collaborative partnerships with clients.

For over three decades, Rob has been intricately involved in projects from concept phase to completion. His approach has seen him build a strong network within the construction industry, with particular expertise in the field of health and research engineering, leading high profile and large-scale infrastructure developments.

Recent notable projects include, Gosford Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, Lismore Hospital, Westmead Millenium Institute and the South Coast Health Network, including Shoalhaven Cancer Centre. His experience also extends to residential, public buildings, retail, and major transportation infrastructure such as Wynyard Walk.

As Managing Director, what is your vision for TTW?

We want to provide an outstanding service and creative solutions. As we are employing some really clever people, we want to see them develop their design and communication skills to become leading engineers.

In your perspective, how is the construction landscape changing?

Increase in prefabrication and off site construction, associated with a continuing development of BIM – providing a full package that integrates engineering design up front and facilitates management at the end of the project

Most Notable Projects