Nishmin Hallam has been an integral structural engineer at TTW, working nationally and in Bath at TTW's partner office, Buro Happold.

Her international design experience coupled with her innate leadership abilities has propelled Nishmin to her current position as Technical Director. She was awarded Gold for Future Leader by Consult Australia in 2016, and has more recently sat on the board of the ACSE.

Nishmin has the technical ability to transform complex problems into sound engineering solutions. Additionally, her great communication ability has led to her working on many high profile, complex structures both locally in Sydney and around the globe.

One of her most notable projects was the recently completed UNSW Material Science and Engineering Building which required a high degree of collaboration between laboratory architects, base build architects and contractors.

What projects have shaped your career and why?

The New Maitland Hospital has really shaped my career and has allowed me to pursue my passion for working on socially and architecturally significant projects. It is the second project I have worked on in the region and I believe it will provide great amenity for the local community.

What exciting innovations and trends are we seeing in the construction industry?

Digital engineering and BIM integration are the most exciting things that I am currently seeing. It helps us resolve many issues and clashes prior to the project even getting to site, resulting in the builder saving time during the project’s construction.

What is the best thing about being a part of TTW Team?

The people! One of the main reasons why TTW has such low staff turnover and long tenure is due to the team and the people. Everyone is friendly, kind and always willing to help. It has a great collaborative culture.

Most Notable Projects