Michael leads the Advanced Analysis Team at TTW, specialising in advanced computer modelling, in particular finite element analysis.

Trained in Mechanical Engineering and a Chartered Professional Engineer, he has extensive experience in 3D modelling and analysis, vibration and structural dynamics, complex geometry, nonlinear material analysis, building frame and stability analysis, soil-structure interaction, analysis and design of concrete shell structures, and seismic analysis.

His portfolio extends across a wide range of sectors including commercial, oversite developments, tunnels, train stations, public buildings, residential and retail.

What does your role involve at TTW?

My team is tasked with tackling complex problems using advanced computer modelling, analysis and simulation software. We act as internal consultants to the rest of TTW to provide our input into crucial areas of jobs, training, development, guiding, assisting and reviewing.

We have a firm understanding of both local and international design standards, and the theoretical and research basis behind them. Our team has particular specialties, which creates some amazing synergy between us, a close collaboration, and a broad range of in-depth knowledge.

My role is both “on the tools” in a hands-on/technical sense, as well as managing the section within the company.

What are you looking forward to at TTW?

Seeing the company go from strength to strength over the last 15 years, I look forward to how TTW will take on the challenges of competing in the building industry into the future, and the innovative ways in which we will achieve this.

What’s a key success that you adopt in your work?

Be the expert and encourage others to do the same. Nurturing strong skill sets, utilising it with determination and personal integrity will lead to good things.

Most Notable Projects