Michael is a traffic engineer with a keen interest in designs that really consider the end-user experience, not just the technical requirements. He is involved in all types of projects, from traffic impact assessments, transport planning, construction traffic management, road safety, and car park design, at all stages of the project life cycle. He has experience in the design development of multi-storey car parks (including for significant transport interchanges, hospitals, and community facilities), drop-off and pick-up facilities, loading docks, and pedestrian facilities. Michael is also a qualified road safety auditor, a TTW service that not only results in safer outcomes for road users on third-party projects but also provides valuable experience and lessons learned for TTW-designed projects. Recently, Michael has been part of TTW’s traffic engineering team through an ongoing period of growth and is looking forward to continuing to service the industry with an expanding set of team capabilities.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

From a young age I had a keen in interest in the big stuff – roads, bridges, dams, train lines – and hoped to eventually work in the field. Halfway through an engineering degree I worked out that structural engineering wasn’t for me (so I’m thankful for the other experts at TTW) but the field of traffic and transport became much more appealing. Moving people around, getting from here to there, and the exciting possibilities of new and emerging technologies.

What is the best thing about being a part of the TTW team?

In many ways, I would describe the TTW team as the TTW family. My colleagues are some of my closest friends and an incredibly intelligent group that I can always rely on, whether for technical expertise, strategic advice, or a coffee break. The whole team is approachable and always happy to assist when needed.

What is it about the industry that motivates you?

The joy of traffic and transport is that in each project we take on, the correct answer is never the same, and the challenge to find that correct answer each time is a great motivation. It’s also motivating knowing that the solutions we develop will end up in the hands of (and under the feet of) residents, students, patients, families, and workers who are relying on our solutions in their daily lives. It’s an intimidating challenge but a motivating one.

Most Notable Projects