Martin is a dedicated structural engineer with a strong technical background. His career development from an early stage required a firm grasp of engineering first principles to develop advanced seismic engineers solutions in the Middle East. Bringing a wealth of design experience, Martin is now contributing his first-principles expertise to problem-solving in Australia. He has successfully led many complex projects with a personal and collaborative approach which provides real value to his clients. Currently working on one of the most complex façade retention projects in the world; Shell House, Martin leads the rapidly growing Construction Engineering division at TTW.

What does your role involve at TTW?

I lead a talented and diverse team of engineers in the Construction Engineering division. Together, we engineer some of the most complex engineering challenges in the Australian market. My role includes various responsibilities, such as the development of complex concepts and solutions, and the ongoing support to my team, ensuring the successful delivery of our projects.

What do you enjoy about Construction Engineering?

I love the technical aspect of what we do. In a competitive construction market, the success of our clients on any project is how efficiently we can build a project safely. Construction Engineering can maximise efficiency through engineering the process of HOW we build. I see my team as the support player who sets up the engineering so our clients can score some serious commercial goals. Applying our technical expertise, delivering successful outcomes and celebrating the wins with our clients are the reasons why I enjoy Construction Engineering.

In your perspective, how do you think the industry is changing?

The construction industry has progressively evolved in the area of proprietary components, techniques and materials that all improve efficiency in construction. The adoption of BIM technology and the coordination benefits it offers have improved the construction process. I think the next evolution is in the full and efficient implementation of currently available technologies in the delivery of projects through digital transformation. My goal is to position our Construction Engineering team at the forefront of this evolution to best leverage the advantages of these technologies to the benefit of our clients.

Most Notable Projects