Mark is a highly motivated and ambitious structural engineer with close to 20 years experience working in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and the UK. A respected engineer who brings challenge, rigour and collaboration to any project he tackles. Mark has a diverse portfolio of experience and is well versed in the design of reinforced, precast and post-tensioned concrete, steel and timber structures.

What does your role at TTW involve?

One of my main roles is to support my team in delivering a range of technical projects, by leading and assisting in the structure’s design. This means juggling with concrete, steel, composite, masonry or timber on a daily basis. In addition to this technical requirement, I identify and deliver innovative, economical, creative and holistic solutions to problems. This means balancing the design intent and architectural aspirations of the architect, the budget of the client and the practical objectives of the builder.

Best thing about being an engineer?

Being able to have a positive impact on people’s lives. As an engineer, our designs can have a big impact on the happiness and well-being of both the users and visitors. Whether it is creating a beautiful building that brings joy and happiness, a well-designed office that aids in productivity, a school that promotes and improves education or a hospital that allows patients to recover faster.

In your perspective how is the industry changing and what are the current trends?

The market trends are definitely focusing on sustainability, BIM, modular construction, timber and prefabrication. Going forward I see an increase in innovative construction materials which are more energy efficient and use recycled waste. I also see an uptake in construction robotics and automation of repetitive site based and engineering tasks. For some sectors, this will lead to engineering becoming commoditised, bought and sold on price alone whilst for others it will free them up to innovate and undertake more complex and technically challenging projects.

Most Notable Projects