I’m somewhat a perfectionist in some regards and will sometimes spend too much time on things when the effort is not going to be obvious or rewarded, but just to satisfy my own standards. I think I have always had an engineering mind, and like being able to pull things apart to see how they work, and then put them back together (hopefully). I especially like seeing old things being repaired and repurposed rather than destroyed or discarded. I like engineering, being inventive and aiming to achieve a lot, often with very little.

What do you enjoy about engineering?

I like a challenge, especially coming up with design solutions that tick several boxes and are quite neat and compact. Working with and designing with different materials which have their own unique properties and limitations is always interesting. Engineering is not just about problem solving, but it also has its creative side which can encourage new ideas and better ways of doing things. I enjoy being able to apply my experience and knowledge gained wherever possible to produce designs and solutions which are as efficient and effective as possible.

What is the best thing about being a part of TTW Team?

Working with a highly motivated team and having support from many of great engineers and people, always willing to assist and provide new ideas and approaches. At TTW we are fortunate to work on a wide variety of interesting projects with good clients who are similarly motivated in achieving great engineering & architectural outcomes.

What is it about the industry that motivates you?

It’s the creation of new projects, seeing ideas develop from concept designs on paper, evolve through engineering & construction and become a physical entity that is most rewarding. Especially when your efforts contribute to an outcome or product which serves its intended function well and to satisfaction of all involved. The industry is always progressing with new ideas, cost effective processes and being able to learn and incorporate best practice in what we do every day brings a great deal of satisfaction.

Most Notable Projects