Leading our Melbourne Construction Engineering team, Lincoln is focused on providing efficient and pragmatic designs which are tailored to suit the clients’ needs and processes.

Lincoln’s most recent experiences have been with large scale infrastructure projects, where he has been able to apply his strong design and management skills to deliver timely and coordinated designs, considering the requirements of all stakeholders.

What do you enjoy about Construction Engineering?

For me, it is the variety in work and the diverse network of people that are involved in any one task.

I also enjoy being on-site and talking to the delivery team and their subcontractors, understanding the drivers and constraints that need to be managed to ensure seamless construction processes.

Why did you get into Engineering?

From a young age I was always given the opportunity to build things and pull them apart. It was only natural that I would end up working in the construction industry.

What does your role involve at TTW?

I work closely with the delivery team to develop functional solutions across the Australian market. The thing that excites me most about the role, is the daily variety in people and projects I have the opportunity to be involved with.

What is great about working at TTW?

It’s people. TTW employs a number of leading professionals within the built environment and I’m fortunate enough to be able to call upon and learn from that experience.

Most Notable Projects