With over fifteen years of experience in the built environment sector, Hung is a highly skilled and sought-after structural engineer. Over his career, he has contributed to the engineering of many complex and landmark structures across Australia and internationally whilst developing his expertise in the analysis and design of high-rise buildings and long-span structures. Recently joining TTW as an Associate Director, Hung continually embraces advanced technology and strives for design excellence to achieve exceptional structural outcomes for his clients

What three projects have shaped your career and why?

  • Wembley Stadium in London was my first major project where I learnt most of my fundamental engineering skills.

  • Brookfield Place in Perth was my first high-rise project which gave me the opportunity to develop my specialty in tall building design.

  • 5 Martin Place in Sydney was the most challenging, yet rewarding project of my career. I played a major role in the successful delivery of innovative and unprecedented engineering solutions for the 25m-span cantilevered tower as part of this ambitious commercial redevelopment.

Best thing about being an engineer?

As a school student, I had always been fascinated with maths and physics and taking great interest in how architectures are created. Being a structural engineer has provided me with opportunities to relish my childhood inspiration while contributing to our community by improving people’s lives through engineering design and innovation.

In your perspective, how do you think the industry is changing?

Over the past decade, the industry has seen the emergence of digital technology and computational designs which are disrupting and transforming the process of engineering practice and project delivery. This phenomenon has brought unprecedented opportunities as well as challenges to the industry from both the consulting business and practising engineer’s perspectives. Combining with advancements in structural materials and construction methodologies, the digital development in engineering practice has allowed structures to be lighter, longer, higher and incredibly complex in architectural forms.

Why TTW?

I’m strongly impressed with the TTW Way that places great emphasis on achieving the highest quality of engineering service, on a collaborative and hands-on approach to project delivery and, most importantly, on its people as ‘our work is only as good as the minds behind it’. I’m excited to be part of the TTW thriving family.

Most Notable Projects