Joining TTW in 2012, Hannah has worked on a diverse range of projects of varying scale and across multiple sectors. Benefiting from the vast range of experience and management styles of her senior colleagues, Hannah developed her own unique leadership style which has led to the successful delivery of several projects – most recently the complex Little National Hotel, built over Wynyard Station entry building in Sydney. Her technical intelligences makes her an exceptional team and project leader. As an engineer, Hannah has the ability to turn clients’ vision into actions, whilst working collaboratively to achieve the best project outcomes. After spending the last year working out of our Canberra office, Hannah has returned to Sydney in 2021 as TTW’s new Sustainability Lead.

Best thing about being an engineer?

I have always loved puzzles and working out how things fit together. Working as an engineer is the ultimate challenge in pulling together a host of different parameters and constraints – and sometimes completely throwing out the rule book and putting that creativity hat on to work out something that hasn’t been done before.

What three projects have shaped your career and why?

Cardinal Freeman Retirement Village was the first job that I really worked on from to start to finish and that I was able to act fairly autonomously on. It gave me the full picture in designing a building, as well as the ins and out of the different project stages.

Riyadh Metro was an overseas third party review project – technically challenging, and the design was to meet overseas design codes and standards. Here I was managing a number of engineers and learnt a lot about running a team and working with people I had never worked with before in another time zone.

Little National Hotel in Sydney has been a fantastic job to work on – I’ve formed some great relationships during this project and a real sense of confidence in my abilities.

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