Glen has an entrepreneurial spirit that he takes into each project. With engineering experience across NZ, UK, Canada and Australia, his expertise has been sought after by leading architects and building firms.

Taking the lead on many iconic projects for TTW, Glen’s pragmatic approach has seen him excel across many sectors, including health, transportation, commercial, public and education.

Glen thrives on any new challenge and is continually in pursuit of smart buildable solutions that best meet his clients’ needs. Combining a collaborative approach to engineering with a focus on mentoring has inspired the engineers around him to achieve early success and become future leaders.

As a Director, what is your vision for the company?

The success we see at TTW comes from a desire to deliver industry-leading service and smart solutions. I see the company building on these values by inspiring the next generation of engineers to be project focused. We have forged strong relationships across the construction industry, but the world is evolving, so my vision is to listen to our client’s needs, adapt, and innovate. We can do this by both challenging and nurturing the best minds we have into leading engineers, to encourage them to keep an open mind, and embrace change.

What has been your career highlight and why?

Delivering Wynyard Walk, a project that challenged and rewarded in equal quantities. The site was a highly constrained environment that demanded innovative heavy engineering solutions and an understanding of the speciality construction techniques employed to excavate under existing buildings. My role in leading the structural design required continuous navigation through the project complexities and guiding the team from the seemingly impossible to a successful outcome.

Most Notable Projects