Expert on European façade systems, Dwayne joined TTW in 2020 as Associate, bringing a wealth of experience from Germany and the Netherlands. Known for his strong leadership, he led multiple international projects in the USA, Middle East and Australia, covering high-rise office buildings, as well as museums, Government and public buildings. Dwayne’s particular areas of interest are the integration of the façade and structural elements of buildings, all aspects of glass specification and design, and the analysis and design of complex geometries.

Dwayne adopts a positive and collaborative approach which enables him to bridge the gap between different disciplines. Coming from an architectural and building technology background, his design philosophy is to bring all competing elements of architecture, engineering, cost and construction together into a final, aesthetic solution.

Some of Dwayne’s completed and current notable work includes European Commission in Luxembourg, Central Bank of Azerbaijan in Baku, Riyadh Metro Downtown Station and Atlassian HQ in Sydney.

What do you enjoy about engineering?

Coming from an architectural background, bringing engineering solutions to serve and strengthen architecture is what I enjoy most. I always explore new ways of building and pushing for innovation through technology to make buildings more sustainable.

What is the best thing about being a part of TTW Team?

Being able to work on challenging projects in an interdisciplinary team with a variety of specialist engineers. As a facade engineer, we need to communicate, collaborate and learn from all disciplines as they have a significant influence on the outcome. In an industry where communication doesn’t always come natural, I enjoy the challenge of bringing these disciplines together to work towards a successful project outcome.

What is it about the industry that motivates you?

The constant research and development of new materials, products, standards and building systems make the facade industry one of the fastest evolving engineering disciplines in the construction industry. Implementing new materials and technology makes every project challenging and rewarding to work on.

Most Notable Projects