Atreyu and the team at TTW have created a great balance between capability and care. On our projects they are integral members of the consultant team adding significant value to design and project outcomes. Their considered and innovative contributions consistently provide elegant solutions that are beautiful, practical and sustainable.

Technical Director, Atreyu leads TTW’s Melbourne office and brings a wealth of project experience from Australia, UK and the Middle East – including commercial, industrial, residential, retail, government, education and sports facilities. He takes a pragmatic and collaborative approach to his work and has had integral roles on many high-profile projects. Atreyu has a strong background and interest in structural dynamics, vibration issues, impact dynamics and seismic design. He is enthusiastic about developments in complex geometry and parametric design, and also has a sessional teaching role at Melbourne University Faculty of Architecture, focusing on digital design and fabrication.

How do you think trends in population growth and urban densification will impact the future of construction in Victoria?

Victoria is our country’s fastest-growing state, and Melbourne is expected to be our most populous city within the coming decades; and with this, it is expected that the trend toward urban densification will continue. At the same time, recent global events continue to highlight the importance of resilience in the built environment; the ability of our infrastructure and buildings to deal with a changing climate, and more recently, the resilience and health of our communities. I think we will see metropolitan and regional hubs start to take precedence over the traditional model of a super high-density city. Large scale infrastructure projects in our state’s pipeline will start to unlock the potential of these places to become economic hubs, as well as sustainable and healthy communities. As engineers, we have an important role to play in ensuring our built environment is designed with future generations in mind, as well as meeting the challenges of today.

As a leader of TTW, what is your vision for the company?

TTW has a rich history of innovation over 60+ years – it’s in our DNA; this will continue to define what we do into the future, whether it be advancements in new materials and technologies or finding creative and simple solutions to complex problems.

I am an expert in…?

I wouldn’t say expert, but I’m pretty handy with anything to do with structural dynamics. My master’s degree had a big focus on vibration problems, impact dynamics and seismic design, and I’ve co-authored several journal and conference papers on vibration – and even a vibration app for Android devices. I’m also really keen on anything related to complex geometry and parametric design and have recently started a sessional teaching role for one semester per year at Melbourne University Faculty of Architecture, focusing on digital design and fabrication.

What makes TTW a great engineering company?

At our core, we are about people. TTW has a great reputation for being service-led, and we focus on nurturing long-term relationships with our clients and industry partners, and of equal importance, ensuring we invest in the growth and development of our team. One thing that differentiates us from most other engineering practices in Australia is renewal. TTW’s ability to stay at the forefront after 60 years, and now 4th generation of directors, is a great testament to the ability of the business for strategic-renewal, whilst holding onto our core values.

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