A civil engineer and project manager with over 25 years experience serving in both the public and private sector, Adrian is a dedicated and intuitive leader – he has managed many major defence, health, municipal and land development projects from planning, through the design and approval processes, and the construction stages.

What inspired you to become an engineer?

I’ve always had an inquisitive mind and enjoyed pulling things apart. Exploring why they worked, repairing or working out how to make them function better, and designing new projects. I enjoy the process of finding solutions to problems. Becoming an engineer was a pretty easy decision for me.

Best thing about being an engineer?

Seeing the results of your work in bricks and mortar (or earthworks, asphalt and concrete), and providing useful assets for the community, including integrating with the natural environment as best as possible. I get to still see several projects that I undertook as a junior engineer close to 30 years ago, including road designs and subdivisions that continue to operate as they were designed.

What three projects have shaped your career?

I was the supervising engineer/superintendent for the reconstruction of the Sydney Cricket Ground field of play in 2000, the reconstruction of the two racetracks at Royal Randwick Racecourse, along with numerous of the playing fields for the 2000 Olympics. I continue to see these projects on TV during the sports reports, and can proudly say “I did that”.

Secondly, the largest and most complex design project I have been involved in was the HMAS Cerberus Base Upgrade project in Victoria. This project included the upgrade of stormwater, sewer, water and fire services on a 100-year-old naval depot, along with supporting roads, carparks, services to approximately 30 new or refurbished new buildings. As the lead civil engineer, and project coordinator across civil, hydraulics and dangerous goods disciplines, I oversaw the project for two years from master planning to construction documentation.

Since being at TTW, I have been involved in some interesting and complex projects that required thinking outside the square. For example, leading the civil design for the New Maitland Hospital has furthered my design exposure to major multi-discipline design teams and to health infrastructure projects.

Most Notable Projects