Macquarie Uni Innovation Hub

Macquarie Uni Innovation Hub

Macquarie Park, NSW

Constructed entirely from timber, this new single storey building is designed to be disassembled and relocated at the end of five years. The purpose-built facility consists of two pavilions linked by a corridor, incorporating events and tutorial space as well as meeting rooms.

The total roof length is 20m – with slender tapering Glulam roof beams spanning the event and tutorial space and cantilevering a further 3m over the perimeter veranda. The beams are supported by V columns of Victorian Ash. The roof timbers, shipped from Austria had to fit in 12m long containers which presented challenges to achieve the many junctions required between Glulam beams. TTW engineers determined the optimal solution involving internal flitch plates with steel dowels.

This striking building is seen by the university as the first step in the establishment of the Macquarie Park Innovation District – designed to target entrepreneurs and start-ups and drive plans for harnessing the area’s potential as a world-class, collaborative ecosystem and innovation centre.



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