With over 20 years experience across both Architectural and Structural disciplines Travis exudes professionalism and pride recounting the many projects he has been part of across Australia and even Dubai. His attention to detail, open communication and strengths in leadership compliment a wide and varied range of local market drafting knowledge that he brings to the Melbourne TTW team.

Why did you become a drafter? What inspired you to become one?

As a child, I was inspired by the structural aspects of building skyscrapers and police stations out of Lego. I grew to admire the role of an Architectural Draftsperson only being drawn towards my admiration for the Structural Drafting Industry and ultimately completing a Diploma of Building Design, Drafting Design. From time to time I will be driving with my kids who will ask me if I have done the drawings for any of the buildings in the area! It’s a thrill to show them I have taken part in the our beautiful cityscape they see and grow up in.

What’s a key success that you adopt in your work?

I believe that open channels of communication between myself, the client and my team ensure the smooth management of projects within TTW. I want to share the knowledge I have built up and encourage others to take pride in their work. The achievements they make is something to be proud of.

“When looking at a set of drawings its more than just lines to me, I’m visualising the entire project. I’m thinking constantly about its construct-ability, and how to best get that crucial information across to the drawings to minimise any delays and site re-work.”

What does your role involve at TTW?

A usual day for me involves managing the Melbourne Structural Engineering Team with their drafting resourcing, making sure we meet all required deadlines and deliverables and that these important factors of a project are documented. Daily I will collaborate with clients and architects, probably one of my favourite facets of this business, I enjoy building a rapport because at the end of the day we all seek the same end goal. I make sure I am available for staff while managing my own project deadlines. The technical knowledge I have is always sought after and teachable so my team can effectively move forward if faced with a similar job in the future, this also aids a consistent approach as I encourage uniformity in these projects.


Most Notable Projects