Why did you get into Engineering?

Growing up in a family of engineers gave me early exposure to the field of engineering. Apart from this direct influence, I gradually became aware of the significant impact that engineers have on society and the built environment. The ability to address community, public, commercial and industrial needs with economic and safe solutions presented a fulfilling career path. I see engineering as the culmination of research in science and technology to deliver solutions which meet the demands of society

What is great about working at TTW?

The collective group of engineers at TTW have an extensive wealth of experience that is able to assist in any engineering challenge, which provides great assurance. I greatly enjoy the wide network of clients which provides us with the opportunity to work in a range of sectors and interesting building types.

The company has an explorative business approach in which engineers are willing to take on board and pioneer complex geometries and technically demanding projects. TTW is proactive in embracing new technologies in the industry to seek out the best outcomes for our clients.

What excites you about the future in this industry?

I am intrigued about the latest developments in new construction materials and processes. For example, the emergence of engineering timber has seen it become a viable construction material in the Australian market. This material provides a new set of challenges for design in terms of first principles and meeting compliance with current codes. The notion of modular construction to speed up project schedules while achieving safety and high levels of quality is another interesting area of development. The concept requires more upfront coordination with consultants but can reap rewards commercially. Each of these aspects is forcing structural engineers to rethink previously solved problems and create new details and techniques.

Most Notable Projects